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Shakhrisabz is the hometown of Amir Temur and everything in Shakhrisabz is connected with his name. The name Shakhrisabz in Farsi means "green city". The Historic Centre of Shahrisabz was declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. It is located at the altitude of 622 m

Formerly known as Kesh (i.e., "heart-pleasing") and tentatively identified with the ancient Nautaca, Shahrisabz is one of Central Asia’s most ancient cities. It was founded more than 2700 years ago. its name was officially changed to Shahrisabz in the modern era. Timur regarded Shahrisabz as his “home town” and planned it eventually to be the location of his tomb. However, during the Timurid period, the center of activity shifted to Samarkand instead.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Samarkand - Shahrisabz (Kesh) - Samarkand
DEPARTURE TIME After breakfast depart to Shahrisabz at 8:30
Transport (air conditioned sedan): Samarkand- Shahrisabz - Samarkand
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08:30 AM

Samarkand - Shahrisabz (Ak Saray Palace)

Depart to Shahrisabz. Ak Saray Palace (White Palace). 9am t 6pm. Ak Saray means "white palace". The term "ak" has also the meaning "generous", "aristocratic" or "majestic"Temur'S chronicler Sherif Eddin Ali Yezdi reported that the world has not seen a similar building before the point of which extends from earth to the height of heavenThe Spanish ambassador Clavigo reports that the decoration works still continued in 1404. The dimensions of the building can be perceived when looking at the gate towers: the two towers were 50 m high and had an arch with a span of 22 m. The buildings were destroyed in the 16th cent. by order of the ruler of Bukhara, Abdullah Khan.

09:45 AM

Shahrisabz (Dorus Siadat)

Dorus Saodat Complex. Dorus Saodat means "repository of power". This vast complex was the burial place of the ruling family and contained a prayer hall, a mosque and accomodation for the religious community and pilgrimsThe main facade was decorated with white marble and the tomb of Temur is a masterpiece of art of this periodThe creation of the Dorus Saodat expressed Temur's wish to turn Shahrizabs into the spiritual center of MovarounahrEach pile contained a mausoleum

10:40 AM

Shahrisabz (Dorus Tilavat)

Dorut Tilavat, (west of Dorus Saodat complex). The Dorut Tilavat ensemble is part of the remains of Temur's memorial ensemble of burials and religious buildings. The buildings were erected mainly during the reign of Ulugbek. This complex contains the graves of Temur's father Taragay and his spiritual tutor Sheikh Shamsaddin Kulyal.

12:10 AM

Shahrisabz (Crypt of Timur)

Crypt of Temur, (behind Jahangir's mauseolum). Temur's crypt was discovered in 1963 in an underground room. The room is plain except of inscriptions from the Quran on the arches. In the middle of the room is a large stone casket with inscriptions about Temur. It is therefore supposed that the crypt was intended for him. Temur, however, is buried in the Gur Emir Mausoleum in Samarkand. The marble sarcophagus has a large space on the top whcih was left for the future epitaph of Temur. Visit the shops of handmade suzanis and other items.

01:10 PM

Shahrisabz - Samarkand

BREAK FOR LUNCH. After lunch drive to Samarkand.

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