• From $35.00 lions-cave-aman-kutan-village

    Tour from Samarkand Aman Kutan trip

    Amankutan - one of the most picturesque corners of Uzbekistan. It is located in the western spur of the Zarafshan and other ranges in the basin. Amankutan, 40 km south-west of Samarkand. Area Amankutanskoy forest garden - 2158 hectares. Aman-Kutan Cave is located on the northern slope of Zeravshan mountains,

  • From $95.00 yurt-camp-aydarkul-tour-from-samarkand

    Tour from Samarkand to Yurt Camp

    Spend an unforgettable night under the desert stars in this adventurous trip to Aydatkul lake in the middle of the Desert. Along the way you will experience the wild life of the deserts and the historical monuments dated back the thousands of years in the period of Alexander the Great invasion.

  • From $115.00 hiking-nuratau-tour

    Tour from Samarkand to Nuratau

    This two days trip to Nuratau Mountains offers you a chance to experience rural homestay with the mountain farmer family in the remote village of Nuratau Mountains and get to know about their daily life, traditions and customs. You will also explore the mountains, it’s flora and fauna and some local sites during short walks around the village.

  • From $30.00 old-woman-selling-suzani-urgut-market

    Silk Carpet, Paper Factory and Urgut Bazaar tour

    This day tour offers the unique experience to explore the local art and craft by visiting the Samarkand Silk Carpet factory, Silk Paper factory in small village Konigil and the town Urgut

  • From $30.00 mausoleum-jahangir-shahrisabz

    Day tour to Shahrisabz

    This day tour will take you over the Mountain Pass “Tahtakaracha” to Ami Temur’s birthplace - Shahrisabz. If you search for the city getaway tour then it is a perfect choice to see the nature, mountains and the rural are of Uzbekistan combined with ancient monuments

  • From $135.00 stay-with-family-nuratau-asraf-village

    Nuratau Homestay in Asraf village

    This three days trip gives you an opportunity to discover the country side of Uzbekistan and its hospitable rural people living in the remote villages of Nuratau Mountains

  • From $190.00 stay-with-family-nuratau-asraf-village

    Nuratau Homestay combined with Yurt Camp

    This four days tour is complemented with an overnight stay in a desert yurt camp, camel riding and visit to the Lake Aydarkul. Start the journey to the mountain and desert landscapes of Uzbekistan along with its overwhelmingly hospitable rural people living in the remote Nuratau Mountain villages

  • From $30.00 stay-with-family-nuratau-asraf-village

    Samarkand culture, history and architecture tour

    Go back in time and let yourself be amazed by the Heart of Samarkand - Registan and the legendary city Afrosiab. Magical and full of history, the capital of the one of greatest conquerors of the world Amir Timu

  • From $65.00 mountain-pass-shahrisabz

    Aman Kutan and Shahrisabz tour

    Combine the hiking tour in Aman Kutan and the cultural visit to historic Shahrisabz the birthplace of the great conqueror Amir Temur